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Welcome to Miden Quest Online, an incremental browser-based rpg game where you can build kingdoms, craft items and explore a world.
Please note that this game requires a modern browser and the port 8080 unblocked to work.
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[March 5 2019]
End of Event
  • Tokens and Late Christmas Presents are no longer dropping, event shop will be available to use them for at least 2 more weeks
  • Global drop rate has returned to normal
  • Promotion has ended
  • 100 tokens have been given to each player who has had at least 1 token drop this event, as compensation for a display error on the price of the 2nd double time purchase
  • As previously warned, the multiplier for perk fatigue has increased when exceeding 64000 fatigue, as perks were not intented to be activated for multiple months at a time. Beyond 64k the multiplier will be slightly more than double the current value, and a UI element was added to announce the High Fatigue Mulitplier is in effect
  • Market listings can now go up to 999T gold (there is a potential technical limitation on going above 1000T in a single transaction). The 2 listing rule will be more strongly enforced going forward as a result
  • Bulk sell will now sell 250 items at a time
[February 16th 2019]
Midwinter event
  • Tokens and Late Christmas Presents will drop every 200 and 10k actions respectively. Tokens can be traded for new titles and specific rewards, presents open to random rewards as follows: 20 minutes bonus xp (50%), 40 minutes bonus xp (15%), 50k relics (25%), 1 shard (5%), 10 minutes global bonus time (5%)
  • Tournament rewards were reupped for the event, with a 40k minimum reward for first place, scaling down as normal for 2nd and 3rd place. 4th is unaffected
  • 4 new titles were added: Belated, Cool, Frozen, Gifted
  • Global drop rate was increased by a flat 20% for all players (same as 2000 relic drop)
  • New Promotion: 2x global bonus time, 4x Gems, 1.5x shards (rounded down). For each $1 spent: 5 minutes personal bonus exp, 10k relics, 10 keys, 10 citizens and 10 tokens.
  • Event will run until March 3rd, event shop will be available for at least 2 weeks longer
  • Rune of the Beginning has been rebalanced. Previously gave 20 + (Rune level * 10) extra T1-5 on all actions. The updated formula is now: 20+ ((10 * Runelevel) * (Runelevel/2.5)) T1-5 per action. This should make the rune far more useful early/mid game and even have some late game value. Reminder that this rune is not affected by any other bonuses including global bonus time, gem boosts or relic investments
  • Per populare request Pitied can now be activated at any time and not only when it is able to trigger
  • Global Double Time will now be announced as Global Bonus Time to help avoid confusion
  • Kingdom Challenges will now reward personal bonus experience to all participants at the end of the challenge. 30 minutes for a win, 20 minutes for a loss. A future kingdom building will increase this yield slightly
  • Kingdom Challenge type will now display in the kingdom window while it is in progress
  • [For a future feature] It is now possible to donate Shards to your kingdom. As of yet no kingdom buildings use shards and donation of shards is not recommended yet
  • Fixed an overflow error on the expedition page and kingdom page
  • Implemented a probable fix to the kingdom building bug and logging tools as a workaround in the event the fix does not take
  • The Captain perk now works correctly, but has not yet been rebalanced
  • Fishing tournaments will now spawn at the same rate as other tournaments, they were previously spawning at twice the frequency
  • Fixed a minor security exploit
[November 20th 2018]
End of Halloween event
  • Treats are no longer dropping, event shop will be available through November 30th
  • Princess will continue to reward 30 minutes of double (boosted from 15 minutes) until the next content update
  • Tournaments relic reward increase is permanent, exp reward has reverted to 1k per event point. Tournament exp enchant will continue to give 10x the benefit
  • Shard chance upgrad to 1/40k (normally 1/50k) will continue until the next content update
  • Promotion has ended
  • The citizen boost from beacon should now function as an additive bonus to the gem boost
  • Potentially fixed an issue that would cause SP to reset when combining runes. Was unable to replicate the issue for testing purposes
  • Potentially fixed an issue that was causing recently built kingdom buildings from not saving through a server restart
  • A number of players were banned for abusing multiple accounts or other TOS violations
[October 30th 2018]
Halloween Event 2018
  • Similar to last year, during this halloween event you will earn treats every 75 actions to be used for Double (up to 40 minutes per player), items, special boosts and titles
  • There are 4 new titles: Troll, Zombie, Haunted and Cheshire Cat and all previous event titles are available at random
  • There is a new experience boost, also available from the CP shop. This is equal to +2000 relic exp. Note the visual element for this boost is currently bugged and will not show time added until the next minute ticks
  • There is also a visual glitch with the Perk Activation Reduction purchase where the cost doesn't update correctly, cost scaling is 250, 500, 750, 1000 but may lag by a click
  • Item Log Drop rate is boosted by 25%
  • Princess will reward 30 minutes of double (boosted from 15 minutes)
  • Tournaments will give between 10-20k relics for 1st place and tournament points give 10x the exp reward
  • Shard chance is upgraded to 1/40k (normally 1/50k)
  • Promotion: 1.5x Shards, 2x Double Time, 3x Gems. Each dollar spent will give 50 Tokens (Treats), 10 keys, 10 citizens, 5000 relics. All purchases over $20 will receive Autochallenge
  • Promotion, Event points and extra bonuses will run until November 13th, event shop will be available for an additional 2 weeks
  • Kingdom Challenges now have a cooldown period of 11.5 hours to better facilitate running them twice a day
  • The new Experience boost has been added to the CP shop
  • 5 ranks of Perk Activation Reduction can now be purchased from the CP shop
Misc and Bug Fixes
  • Overseer will now save islands found during automated searches
  • Autochallenge has been permanently reduced in cost to 20 Shards
  • Captchas have again been reduced in frequency
  • Connections to the game should drop less often
[September 11th 2018]
Bug Fixes
  • The Captain perk will now tick down as intended
  • The perk page no longer incorrectly has Captain and Lucky timers swapped
  • Combat hp bars work correctly for both players and enemies
  • Fixed a bug with one of the background botcheck programs, hopefully getting us a step closer to dropping Captchas
  • Fixed a small exploit related to quests
  • All owned tiles under level 8 were set to level 8. Kingdoms that allow all tiles to fall back to level 0 may be deleted upon maintenance on a future update
  • Very slightly boosted the max quantity of items from the island Marketplace
  • By popular demand upgraded the last 2 tiers of the island Resource Imbuer to 300,000 and 350,000 res per minute, from 250,000 and 275,000 respectively
Promotion September 11th through September 18th
  • 1.5x Gems, 1.5x Double Time, for every dollar receive 1000 relics, 10 keys and 10 citizens
[September 4th 2018]
Key Changes
  • Base rarities, reward distribution and glevel scaling have been changed on all chest types both to limit the effect of very high glevels approaching 100% legendary rate and as an income buff for lower level players
  • Base drop rates: 39% Common, 30% Uncommon, 25% Rare, 5% Ultra-Rare, 1% Legendary -- (Old 50/25/20/4.5/0.5)
  • New Glevel adjusted chest chances up to Glevel 180,000 (At which point scaling freezes): 
    • Common reward: (39-(Glevel/2250))/(100-(GLevel/2250)) -- Old: (50-(Glevel/1500))/(100-(GLevel/1500))
    • Uncommon reward: 30/(100-GLevel/2250) -- Old: 25/(100-GLevel/1500)
    • Rare reward: 25/(100-GLevel/2250) -- Old: 20/(100-GLevel/1500)
    • Ultra-rare reward: 5/(100-GLevel/2250) -- Old: 4.5/(100-GLevel/1500)
    • Legendary reward: 1/(100-GLevel/2250) -- Old: 0.5/(100-GLevel/1500)
  • Relic rewards (Normal/Bronze/Silver/Gold):
    • Common: 150/300/500/1000 -- (Old 50/100/100/250)
    • Uncommon: 300/600/1000/2000 -- (Old 100/250/250/800)
    • Rare: 750/1500/3000/5000 -- (Old 250/1000/1000/3000)
    • Ultra-rare: 1500/3000/10000/25000 -- (Old 500/2500/8000/20000)
    • Legendary: 5000/7500/25000/75000 -- (Old 1500/5000/20000/50000)
  • Gem rewards (Normal/Bronze/Silver/Gold):
    • Common: 1/3/10/20 -- (Old 1/2/5/12)
    • Uncommon: 2/7/20/50 -- (Old 2/5/15/30)
    • Rare: 3/10/50/100 -- (Old 3/8/25/50)
    • Ultra-rare: 7/25/100/250 -- (Old 5/15/50/100)
    • Legendary: 50/125/350/850 (No changes)
  • ME value multiplied by 10 for all chest types

What do these changes mean to you? Here's relative value of a normal chest by Glevel based on current market prices:

  • Global Level:
  • 25,000 +107%
  • 50,000 +95%
  • 75,000 +77%
  • 100,000 +47%
  • 110,000 +30%
  • 120,000 +9%
  • 123,500 No change
  • 130,000 -18%
  • 140,000 -53%

Gambler's Post and Hoarder Perk

  • It has been revealed that the Hoarder perk does not utilize the full value of the Gambler's Post drop rates for Gold and Silver Chests. Unfortunately the recently raised special chest caps were based around the values in game and not on displayed value. The text in game has been updated on the gambler's post page, and the following changes have been made:
  • Bronze chests will now only require a single key to open
  • Silver chest chance per Gambler's Post level: 10/12/14/17/19/21/24/26/30/34 -- (Old 10/12/14/16/18/20/22/24/26/28)
  • Gold chest chance per Gambler's Post level: 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/10/12/15 -- (Old 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10)
  • This will result in an increase in value on the perk since it was released, while not quite equalling the previously displayed values


  • A new perk, Lucky, has been added. This perk will increase the quantity of Relics, Gold and ME found from item drops.
  • Lucky is replacing Captain as the 3rd perk unlocked. This will make the perk more easily accessible to newer players.
  • No players will lose any investment into the Captain perk or active time, however to further upgrade it it will need to be unlocked again. Please note that currently the captain perk does not work pending a bugfix


  • The gem boost Item Drop Rate can now be increased to 1000% at the same scaling as other gem boosts
  • Toolsheds are now 50% more potent giving 15 autos per building upgraded from 10

Bugfixes and UI

  • Reworded the names of the relic boosts slightly to make them more clear to newer players
  • Updated the displayed value for Item Log Drop Chance (previously Drop+) to match the previously updated value
  • Added scroll bars for the kingdom goal and build areas of the kingdom page so the text will no longer overflow
  • Removed the deleted member from the Kingdom "Apokolips"
  • Corrected an error with the kingdom tooltip incorrectly displaying Watchtowers as increasing scout exp instead of scouting yield
  • Gem postings will now announce in trade chat
  • Added some additional digit grouping in various places
  • Fixed a number of spelling and grammar errors
What's coming ?
  • (Next update) New Kingdom Building
  • Your citizens will be ready for help soon
  • New ways to upgrade equipment (No, T21+ is not coming)
  • New rune(s) coming
  • Bulk combination of low level runes (Pending runepage rewrite, 90% done, hopefully next update)
  • Runetype swaps at shard cost (Pending runepage rewrite)
  • Captain rebalance pending
  • Mouseover description for gem boosts to make them more clear to newer players



Extensive Map
Wander around an extensive map of over 1 million tiles, form and extend a persistent kingdom by constructing special buildings on every tile.
Train in one of 6 different tradeskills (Mining, Gathering, Fishing, Woodcutting, Scouting, Selling), gather resources, and help in the construction of a massive kingdom.
Ranking and Titles
Compare your character and kingdoms to others and distinguish yourself by gathering unique titles and color flares.
Equipment and Battles
Engage in real-time battles against multiple enemies and collect new items to fight harder foes. Find special enchanted items to increase your tradeskill efficiency.
Quests and Expeditions
Complete quests, send adventurers for profit, find and colonize a private island and more.
Create/Join a kingdom, chat with other players in different channels, trade items and resources and participate in tournaments.
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