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Welcome to Miden Quest Online, an incremental browser-based rpg game where you can build kingdoms, craft items and explore a world.
Please note that this game requires a modern browser and the port 8080 unblocked to work.
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[August 15th 2018]
Purchase Value Improved and Promotions
  • Purchases have been upgraded as follows
    • $5 -  200 Gems and 1 Shard (From 75 Gems, 1 Shard)
    • $10 - 440 Gems and 3 Shards (From 157 Gems, 2 Shards)
    • $20  - 920 Gems and 7 Shards (From 330 Gems, 5 Shards)
    • $50 -  2400 Gems and 15 Shards (From 865 Gems, 12 Shards)
    • $75 - 3750 Gems and 22 Shards (From 1350 Gems, 18 Shards)
    • $100 - 5400 Gems and 30 Shards (From 1875 Gems, 25 Shards)
    • $200 - 11,600 Gems and 70 Shards (From 4050 Gems, 52 Shards)
  • Server Launch Promo:  1.25X Shards (Rounded down), 2X Gems, 2X Double Time, Every $1 bought will give 2500 relics
  • Ongoing New Player Promo:  All purchases over $10 will unlock the 2nd expedition slot if not already unlocked
General [Sios]
  • Changed the home screen to better display the current update, what's coming and the server status.
  • Added Compound and Reagents to the resource section.
  • Changed the theme of the resource section on the main page (removed the white background and changed the icons to fit the rest of the page)
  • Changed the button UI in player's profiles.
  • The online player count is now displayed on the home screen.
  • Islands now have 1 extra toggle by default.
  • Fixed the display of the buildings in the island and added the level of the building.
  • You can now view another's player's island by going on his profile.
  • Added the change log in the footer in the game, allowing you to see the last changes while connected in the game.

 General [Superbob]

  • Base Number of autos is now 100 improved from 15
  • Market tax is now a flat 5% regardless of selling level
  • The marketplace no longer has a 100 gold minimum
  • Tournaments had their relic rewards and experience bonuses increased to make them viable longer for newer players -- event points now reward 2 relics for each point up from 1 relic for every 2 points, event points now reward 1000 exp per point up from 25 exp, increased the 1st-4th place relic rewards slightly. ┬áNew functionality coming at a later date
  • The princess quest has an increased gem reward and now gives 30 minutes of enlightenment to the finder upon completion
  • Academies now give +2 exp per level upgraded from +.5 exp per level
  • Watchtowers now use T4 Fish instead of T4 Ore, as T4 Ore is already used in another major resource building and T4 Fish is not used in as significant quantities as the other T4 resources
  • Personal quests now reward more experience and relics
  • Upgraded the gambler's post special chest cap significantly, max of 40 at lvl 10
Global drops [Sios and Superbob]
  • Changed the global drop rates by reducing the frequency of drops and increasing the rewards gained
  • Base drop rate is effectively halved
  • Increased the gems gained through global drop to 2 instead of 1
  • The 1-5 relic roll is now 1-30 relics
  • The 5-35 relic roll is now 30-100 and glevel scaling has increased to Glevel / 2000 for the low roll and Glevel / 500 for the high roll
  • Increased the maximum relics gained through global drop by 30%
  • Increased the chance to get a second or third key from a global key drop by 30%
  • Drop chances have changed as follows:  Gem 1%, Key 4% (previously 3%), Item 5% (previously 20%), Res Bag 5%, 30-100 relics 9% (previously 6%), ME 10%, Gold 25%, 1-30 relics 42% (previously 30%)
  • Added a new odd (0.25%) to get a rare item (+1 tier from the maximum tier you can roll)
  • Items up to tier 15 can now drop from global drop (up to tier 16 in a rare item drop)
  • These changes result in a net income increase at lower glevels for the same drop investment, and a slight nerf at very high glevels as a result of higher base relic drops and a relative reduction in total keys.  This change allow for additional investment opportunities endgame as well as preventing players with max drop boost from being unable to benefit from any global drop boost or event, and will proove to be a catchup mechanic for newer players.
  • Income differences are as follows:
    • Global Level 5,000:     +46%
    • Global Level 25,000:   +29%
    • Global Level 50,000:   +14%
    • Global Level 75,000:   +6%
    • Global Level 100,000  -1%
    • Global Level 110,000  -4%
    • Global Level 130,000  -11%
  • Changed the global drop item table to scale up to tier 15 and from global level 0 to 9001+
    • Global Level 0-100 Tier 1-3
    • Global Level 101-250 Tier 1-4
    • Global Level 251-500 Tier 2-5
    • Global Level 501-750 Tier 3-6
    • Global Level 751-1000 Tier 4-6
    • Global Level 1001-1500 Tier 4-7
    • Global Level 1501-2000 Tier 5-8
    • Global Level 2001-2500 Tier 5-9
    • Global Level 2501-3000 Tier 6-9
    • Global Level 3001-3500 Tier 6-10
    • Global Level 3501-4000 Tier 7-11
    • Global Level 4001-4500 Tier 7-12
    • Global Level 4501-5000 Tier 8-12
    • Global Level 5001-6000 Tier 8-13
    • Global Level 6001-7000 Tier 9-13
    • Global Level 7001-8000 Tier 10-14
    • Global Level 8001-9000 Tier 11-14
    • Global Level 9001+ Tier 12-15
  • Why?: Too many useless items were generated through global drops. reducing the drop rate and increasing the rewards makes them a bit more scaleable and rewarding. I (Sios) also felt that it was needed to introduce t16 drops without making it an overly common occurence.


  • Enraged can now be upgraded beyond 100%, resulting in Fury which grants triple the base resources and experience for your primary skill and double resources and experience on drunk procs
  • There is additional progressive cost scaling on upgrades past lvl 1000
  • A new shard boost, "Talented" allows for the activation costs of perks to ignore your total invested relics, thereby simulating the "perk reset" strategy used by many players
  • A new gem boost "Perk Activation Reduction" has this same effect from 1-100% for a more permanent boost.  The current cost scaling of this boost will not make sense for most players currently, but will as more perks are added
  • Perks can no longer be upgraded beyond their maximum effective level


  • Rune of the Beginning now gives 20T1 + 10/level improved from 12T1+2/level
  • Rune of Convocation now gives an extra citizen every 4900 - 75 actions/level improved from -50 actions/level
  • Rune of Questing now gives a quest reduction of 2% per level changed from 5% +.5%/level, and actually works now

Quality of Life

  • A new chat channel, "Globals" has been created to alleviate key spam
  • Max character length in chat has been increased to 400 characters
  • Captchas have been reduced in frequency, they will populate in a 45-240 minute interval now instead of a 15-120 minute interval
  • A new system invisible to players has been added to compensate, this may replace captchas if successful
  • Updated the confirmation in game to show price per unit when listing things on the market, to potentially help catch posting price mistakes
  • Added commas to several areas in the game, including kingdom goals
  • Lifted the 10T gold limit on market postings
  • Movement speed at scouting level of 1 is now 4 seconds instead of 5
Fixes and Optimization [Sios and Superbob]
  • Expedition alert is now correctly dissapearing when the Overseer's Circle resends them
  • Fixed an issue activating/disabling the overseer's circle
  • Fixed an unoptimized script taking care of saving data in the database that was causing latency
  • Changed the Island Toggle screen to allow more buildings to be visible
  • A periodic cleanup is done on old data including players under lvl 10 without a kingdom that didnt log in in the past 6 months, old deleted messages, and more.
  • Rune of Questing is now functional
  • Corrected int32 overflows for: total relics invested, resetting relics, expedition upgrades, perk activation costs, perk upgrade costs, market purchases, and total experience
What's coming ?
  • Alchemy pending, major bug fix required
  • Changes to the perks -- perks that don't depend on relic investments will not be affected by the total relic count activation multiplier
  • Adding time to perks after 64,800 fatigue will add progressively more fatigue.  This threshhold equates to activating 3 perks for 15 days at a time.  The intent of this update is to preserve both the quality of life granted from bulk activation, while giving some reasonable limitations to the duration of activation
  • Captain perk fix pending, scaling increased to .5%/level, SP gain increased to 15 from 10, and timer reduction removed.  Additional SP will be required for a future island update
  • New rune(s) coming
  • Bulk combination of low level runes
  • New ways to upgrade equipment (No, T21+ is not coming)



Extensive Map
Wander around an extensive map of over 1 million tiles, form and extend a persistent kingdom by constructing special buildings on every tile.
Train in one of 6 different tradeskills (Mining, Gathering, Fishing, Woodcutting, Scouting, Selling), gather resources, and help in the construction of a massive kingdom.
Ranking and Titles
Compare your character and kingdoms to others and distinguish yourself by gathering unique titles and color flares.
Equipment and Battles
Engage in real-time battles against multiple enemies and collect new items to fight harder foes. Find special enchanted items to increase your tradeskill efficiency.
Quests and Expeditions
Complete quests, send adventurers for profit, find and colonize a private island and more.
Create/Join a kingdom, chat with other players in different channels, trade items and resources and participate in tournaments.
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