Miden Quest Online
Welcome to the lands of Miden where creating a kingdom, becoming a master miner, collecting precious items and slaying monsters is only a few clicks away.
[November 29th 2016]
End of the event and promo. Changed the captcha rewards and impacts of failing repeatedly. Market filters now persists while changing the equipment type. Improved the server stability for mobile connections.
[November 26th 2016]
Fixed an issue with the help tag, Fixed 2 typos in the new titles, added a new tracker for kingdom-locked karma under the kingdom page.
[November 25th 2016]
New promo and event ending monday night (2x Keys from drops, 2x Naval expedition speed, increased shard drop from 1/40k to 1/30k), The event shop is now officially closed, A new chat tag was created [help] for players known to give helpful advices, Added more titles for tradeskills, enchanting and crafting. Changed the minimum Global Level requirement to speak in the public chat to GLvl 10. Fixed an issue with the skill page not displaying skill level 25+.
[November 21th 2016]
Messages received in the mailbox are now copyable. Added a shard option to swap gem res boost and cap with gem gold boost and cap and changed the gem boost UI. Fixed an issue with untradeable gems and the new. Added new admin commands to ease-up renaming characters and kingdoms without a server restart. Fixed several typos. Starting a new quest from the quest page doesnt generated a popup anymore if previous quest wasnt started or if no quest items were found yet. Fixed an UI issue with the Expedition Permant Boost page. Changed the Number formating to allow thousands until 9999 to be dispolayed in full and shortning values every 3 digits thereafter (ex. 9.3m instead of 9304k). Displays the shortned number in the price per unit section in the market, the exact price can still be seen in the purchase screen. Increased the rewards for naval treasure expeditions by about 20% on normal finds and by 50% on rare finds. Fixed an issue with the Outbox not showing the sender and recipient properly.
[November 13th 2016]
Updated the random script managing naval expedition drops and shard drops. Normalized scouting quests attempts compared to other tradeskills. Added quests completed to the ranking page.
[November 12th 2016]
End of the event and promo, the event shop will be available to turn in pumpkins until the 18th. External links are now displayed in full. Kingdom invites now expires after 48 hours, older invites are now automatically expired. Players spamming will be automatically muted for 5 minutes with a shorter threshold for low level players. Fixed a typo in the quest page and updated the description of the inns. Fixed a small exploit allowing to activate more island building than the amount of toggles. Update the Wiki link.
[November 11th 2016]
Limited the multi-opening of resource bags to a maximum of 100 and chests to a maximum of 50 per click. Fixed a disconnection issue while opening multiple res bags. Made the island config (skill training and resource convering) and toggled buildings persist through future updates (this being the last update that reset those). Optimized the server-side chat script to limit the lag related to chat messages. Added the option to link external URL's in chat (to share a link in chat enter the URL including the http:// or https:// part). Please remember to use a NSFW tag when the link contains content that is not safe in a work environment.
[November 5th 2016]
Added achievements for tradeskill at every 100's over lvl 1000, Changed the shortening of numbers all over the game displaying 1xxx instead of 1.x k, Added 2 new kingdom buildings: Wharfs (built on lake and decreases the price of boat upgrades) and Town Halls (built on cities or plains, Increases the amount of citizens of residents every day at midnight). Reduced the pumpkins needed to buy a resource bag to 10.
[November 3rd 2016]
Fixed the event dates. To reiterate, the event and promo ends November 11th @ 23:59 and the event shop ends November 18th @ 23:59. Filter the equipment in the equipment screen and the lock page by tier. Fixed the new title applying a green glow on the Mod tag. Islands founds cannot be empty anymore.
[November 1st 2016]
Added a validation to promote, demote, kick and change kingship in kingdoms. Increase the chance to find gems (tot/7 instead of tot/8) and keys (tot/18 instead of tot/20). Reduced the island spacial storage use cost to 5 Mil ME to store a building and 2.5 Mil ME to place a stored building. Reduced the island merging cost to 25 Mil ME per merge.
[October 31st 2016]
Removed the resource box announcements and fixed the purchase not applying the full amount of keys.
[October 31st 2016] - Navigation, Private Islands, Tradeskill Rescaling and Combat
  • A new navigation screen allows you to build a boat by upgradeing three components: Boat, Sail, Crew.
  • Every boat component upgrades a different aspect of the naval expeditions: Success Rate, Quality, Speed
  • Once you have at least a level 1 Boat, Sail and Crew, Your ship starts to accumulate Seafaring points
  • Seafaring points (SP) are capped to 10k.
  • Two types of exepditions can be sent:
    • Island Expedition: to find an island, citizens and special chests
    • Treasure Expedition: to find random treasures such as magic elements, keys and more.
  • You can send one expedition at a time and once you find an island, you can start to use it for personal bonus.
Private Island
  • You can move on an island that has anywhere from 1 to 7 land tiles.
  • You can merge a one-tile island on a an island with at least one available spot for the cost of magic elements
  • There are three type of tiles an island can have: Rock, Beach, Forest. Each one of those types can be used to build specific buildings
  • Beach Buildings (yellow tiles):
    • Merchant's Hut: Allows the player to increase selling experience gained while trading off some workload
    • Miner's Hut: Allows the player to increase mining experience gained while trading off some workload
    • Fishing Hut: Allows the player to increase fishing experience gained while trading off some workload
    • Gambler's Post: Use several keys to obtain rare rewards such as gems, high-level items and miden shards
    • Warp Totem: Reduces the time to wait between warps
  • Forest Buildings (green tiles)
    • Scouts's Hut: Allows the player to increase scouting experience gained while trading off some workload
    • Gathering's Hut: Allows the player to increase gathering experience gained while trading off some workload
    • Woodcutting Hut: Allows the player to increase woodcutting experience gained while trading off some workload
    • Combat Hut: Increase the experience and drop rewards from combat
    • Resource Imbuer: Convert resources from one tier to another over time for the price of magic elements.
    • Training Hall: Automatically trains combat skills for the price some gold.
  • Rock Buildings (gray tiles)
    • Beacon: Increases the amount of active building you can have at the same time and increase the amount of citizen found on other islands
  • Buildings can be built, salvaged for 50 % of their resource cost (excluding the citizen cost) and magically stored if you have the Island Spacial Storage
  • The gambler's post will automatically refresh it's chest count every day at midnight
Currency and Boosts
  • Added a new currency: Miden Shards
  • Revamp the gem/shard boost interface
  • Miden Shards are a rare currency that can be found randomly, in silver/gold chests and from premium purchases
  • A new promo started (1 pumpkin, 500k ME, 1 Key per 1$ US)
  • Pumpkin are the new seasonal name for tokens
  • Miden shards can now be used to reset the gems and relics invested without losing any.
  • Miden shards can be used to increase the soft cap of a few gem boosts over 500% up to 1000%
  • A fifth expedition slot is available for the cost of 25 shards and 7500 gems
  • Tradeskill levels were rescaled to fit the new experience scale
  • Global Level bonus are now added every slice of 100's level, effectively buffing the G. Level of any player of skill level 1100 post-rescale.
  • All the previously acquired experience was transfered to the new scale, so your level might have changed but the strenght of every level is higher
  • Island building now affects the experience and workload of any tradeskill. Please note that an island building needs to be active to be in effect
  • Increased the effect of level on resource gained by a factor of 100 %
  • Increased the effect of level on workload by a factor of 25%
  • Increased the effect of level on experience by a factor of 50 %
  • Added a global drop of shards unaffected by any gem/relic boost to a set rate of 1/40k attempts
Event - Great Harvest
  • This event will be from October 31st to November 11th and the event shop will be available until November 18th
  • Gain a pumpkin every 100 attempts
  • Use pumpkins to buy exclusive titles, citizens, relics and start tournaments
  • A fifth expedition slot is available to purchase for shards and gems
  • Increase the relic drop from expeditions
  • Reduced the effect of inns on expeditions from 3% to 2.5 %
  • Reduced the amount of keys and gems found from expeditions
Quest UI
  • Revamped the Quest UI page
  • Added an option to automatically start a tradeskill quest at 75 % of your level
  • Added a preview of the naval expedition
  • Added a preview of the chests available on your private island
  • Added a new moderation metric for moderators: Annoyance Level
  • Moderators can now mute for 15 min/ 1 hour
  • Players with a high annoyance level (increased by getting muted often), will be open for harsher mutes
  • Old skills are no longer available at certain levels, instead 6 new skill trees were added
  • Every skill tree is linked to an in-game tradeskill. Every level of a tradeskill improves your efficiency at using skills of that branch
  • 18 skills were added, and to unlock any skill you need to use previous skill often
  • Increasing a skill level improves it's efficiency in combat
  • The training hall (island building) can increase those skill level and uses over time
  • You can now select up to 4 combat skill to bring in combats
  • Combat now allows you to queue-up skills used and will chain up to 3 attacks to execute
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Extensive Map
Wander around an extensive map of over 1 million tiles, form and extend a persistent kingdom, discover new enemies
Train in one of 6 different tradeskills (Mining, Gathering, Fishing, Woodcutting, Scouting, Selling), gather resources, and help in the construction of a massive kingdom.
Ranking and Titles
Compare your character and kingdoms to others and distinguish yourself by gathering unique titles
Equipment and Battles
Engage in real-time battles against multiple enemies and collect new items to fight harder foes
Complete quests to gain titles, experience and resources
Chat in real-time with other players, trade items and resources in the market and invite them in your kingdom.
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