Miden Quest Online
Welcome to the lands of Miden where creating a kingdom, becoming a master miner, collecting precious items and slaying monsters is only a few clicks away.
[New Year Note]
A new year has started and I believe it's a nice time to think about last year and what's to come next on MQO. 2017 was a year of changes in my personnal life, struggling to find stability through these changes and MQO suffered for it.
So here we are in 2018. I found stability at last and I've got a few plans for MQO: Subtradeskills (unlike crafting/enchanting, but not some active like the main 6 tradeskills), Reworking the perks (Making them easier to manage and having primary and secondary perks), Reworking Combat, Adding more options to current mechanics (more island buildings, more enchants, better use of crafting skills), Give another incentive to the world map (Right now it's pretty much a question of finding a good tile and staying there)
I'm trying out a new method of communicating with you about upcoming changes, polls and more in 2018, there'll be a change to the homescreen to reflect this within the next few updates.
[January 3rd 2018]
  • The overseer's circle (OC) will now correctly add citizens from naval expeditions.
  • The OC will now notify you in the logs when a chest was found but you didnt have any spot available.
  • Fixed an issue with the amount of orbs/scrolls displayed in the OC log.
  • Seafaring and Exhaustion runes bonus will now correctly reset to 0 when you switch out to another rune
  • Added the timestamps missing in the OC log
What's coming ?
  • 1 new mechanic revolving around the Alchemy lab
  • Changes to the perks
  • CP points are reworked to give better rewards
  • New runes
  • ETA: this upcoming weekend
[December 31st 2017]
  • Reworked the island interface
  • Added a new Island Building: Overseer's Circle
  • The overseer's circle can be built on rock and on sand
  • Added a new Island Building: Alchemy Lab
  • You can configure the overseer's circle to auto send your expeditions, naval expeditions and rerolling your quests
  • Note that the overseer's circle needs to be activated to run
  • Note that the overseer's circle will send the same expedition only if it completed the last one
  • The overseer's circle can also be used to automatically disenchant items of selected tiers and rarity
  • You can review the overseer's circle past actions from the info page
  • The Alchemy lab can be built on rock and in the forest
  • The mechanic behind the alchemy lab is not yet available
  • Alerts can now be saved, whatever you select now will be kept the next time the server restart
  • new Alert: Kingdom challenge. Appear if your kingdom has started a challenge but you're not yet participating
  • new alert sound option for kingdom challenges
  • Changed the password recovery method
What's coming ?
  • 1 new mechanic revolving around the Alchemy lab
  • Changes to the perks
  • CP points are reworked to give better rewards
  • New runes
  • ETA: first week of 2018
[December 7th 2017]
  • Fixed the expedition upgrade screen for players that hit a high level
  • Fixed the challenge screen breaking for some kingdoms
What's coming ?
  • 2 new island buildings
  • 1 new mechanic revolving around one new island building
  • Changes to the perks
  • CP points are reworked to give better rewards
  • New runes
  • ETA: before 2018
Changed to the rules and penalties
  • Players with multiple accounts will be permanently banned instead of having a 30 days temporary ban.
  • Players on the same internet connection cannot share items/resources through the market or they will be flagged as a multi.
[November 7th 2017]
End of the Masquerade event
  • End of the promotion
  • Shard drop rate back to the normal rate
  • Drop rate back to to 1x rate
  • The evet shop will stay open until November 28th
[November 2nd 2017]
  • Players playing 2 different accounts will have their accounts banned
Kingdom Challenges
  • Fixed an issue with the kingdom screen for kingdoms over a certain level
  • Added a new ranking for kingdom challenge levels
  • Fixed an issue with the ranking not highlighting the your kingdom's rank in the overview
[October 23rd 2017]
Halloween Event: The Masquerade
  • Event from October 23rd to November 6th 2017
  • 2x Drop rates, 25% increased Shard drop rate
  • Every 75 Tradeskill attempts, you will generate 1 Candy
  • You can trade candies for Relics, Gens, Orbs and Scrolls
  • Added 4 new Titles with this event: Masked, Jester, Pirate and Phantom for (100, 300, 500 and 1000 candies required)
  • As a special event, for 450 candies you can randomly have one of the old custom titles from past events
  • 2 Special Titles were added and are available in the random custom title reward: Angel and Devil
  • The full list of titles available from the random custom titles are as follow: Heatstroked, Sun Champion, Molten Lord, Harvester, Leafy, Harvest Soul, Kind, Altruistic, Selfless, Sharing Spirit, Dear, Lovestruck, Sweetheart, Cupid, Angel, Devil, Festive, Inheritor, Miden's Descent
  • Unlocking all the event titles including the new ones will unlock the masquerade bonus (2 hours of double time for everyone)
  • 24 hours of double-time will be added October 31st
The Masquerade Promotion
  • 2X Gems and 2X Double Time for purchases made during the event
  • Every 1$ spent will come with 50 Candies and 1 Key
Overdue Titles (Miden's Year event)
  • Added 3 custom titles for the Miden's Year Event: Festive, Inheritor and Miden's Descent
  • Players who had at least 2, 9 and 13 Prizes unlocked those titles respectively.
[September 23rd 2017]
Some Fixes
  • Fixed the display of the challenge review
  • Fixed the amount of chest gained per day (the system was giving as many chest as you can hold instead of the daily amount)
[September 22nd 2017]
Kingdom Challenges
  • Display all the participants when reviewing the last challenge ran by the kingdom.
  • Note that "Reviewing" the last challenge will only work on challenges ran after the last server restart.
  • Fixed the issue of kingdom challenges refreshing for some players.
  • Applied a fix for kingdoms that has has issues with their challenges (getting stuck to -1 when started)
  • Fixed the Exhaustion rune display and made sure it acts properly when equipped
Gambler's Post
  • Now have independent values for the chest replenished per day and maximum amount of chests you can have at one time
  • The amount of chest you get everyday or when an expeidition resets them stays the same (2,2,3,3,3,4,4,4,5,5) from level 1 to 10
  • The maximum amount of chest you can have at one time are now (2,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) from level 1 to 10
  • Basically, gambler's post lvl 4+ can now store extra chests for the expeditions and the hoarder's perk.
[September 17th 2017]
  • Fixed the Distribution of contribution points after challenges
  • Fixed the allocation of participating points
  • The Contribution Shop can now be found under your account page
  • The kingdom message after finishing a challenge should be fixed
[September 16th 2017]
Comeback Promotion
  • From September 16th to 23rd
  • 50 % more extra Gems and 50% extra double-time
  • Every 1$ spent will give you 1 Key and 1000 Relics
  • Purchases of at least 20$ will automatically unlock the Auto-Challenge
  • Players who did a purchase in september will be credited this promotion retroactively, send me a message to make sure I credit it to your account
Kingdom Levels and Kingdom Challenges
  • Activity-based challenge to get as many points to increase your kingdom level and distribute contribution points to participating players
  • Contribution points can be exchanged for different items
  • Challenges can be issued by the king or dukes every 12 hours for a price of 250mil Gold (+25mil per kingdom level)
  • Challenges must be completed within 3 hours from the time of start
  • Participating in a challenge is free for all players but requires them to click on the participating button in the kingdom
  • When your character is participating, he will generate Action Points (AP) every 5 minutes
  • Your AP is determined on your total tradeskill level or the current tradeskill of the day
  • Specific Tradeskill AP per 5 min: Tradeskill-of-the-day / 25
  • Global Tradeskill AP per 5 min: TradeskillTotal / 137.5
  • Players who contributed the most in a kingdom will get the most Contribution Points (CP)
  • You can empower your character by using 25 gems to increases the amount of AP on the challenge up to 5 times
  • Leaving a Kingdom that had a challenge recently will prevent you from accessing another challenge for the next 12 hours.
  • Succeeding a challenge will increase the kingdom level and reward a lot of CP
  • Failing a challenge will award less CP for participating members
Navigation Expedition Changes
  • Reworked a bit the expedition UI
  • Increased the cost of naval expeditions to 500 per Island expedition and 250 per Treasure expedition
  • Reduced the base success rate to 25% for island and 35% for treasure expeditions (used to be 28% and 38%)
  • Increased the success modifier of normal and long expeditions to x1.5 and x2.25
  • Increased the quality modifier of normal and long expeditions to x.125 and x1.75
  • Increased chances to get a 1/7 or 7/7 Island with the quality of the expedition
  • Increased the amount of citizens found (from 1-5 to 2-6)
  • Merged the treasure rewards for res. bags and ME.
  • 2 New runes: Rune of Exhaustion and Rune of Seafaring
  • Rune of Exhaustion: Tradeskills will persist at 50% of their speed for (1000+ (250 per lvl)) actions after the workload
  • Rune of Seafaring: Adds (2000 + (1000 per level)) to the maximum Seafaring points you can accumulate
  • Runes are now reordered by level in the equipment screen
  • Both new runes are marketable up to level 15
  • Changed the way character deletion works to prevent guild ghosts and corrupted character save
  • Deleted characters now have a full backup kept but will be unnaccessible
[July 24th 2017]
Server Change & Drunk Perk change
  • We just changed the server hosting MQO on another server, let me know if y ou have any connectivity issues.
  • The server should be 50 % more efficient than the last one
  • Another update will follow before midnight
  • Drunk Perk now has diminishing return after lvl 328 (50% proc rate) (0.15 -> 0.10 %), and after lvl 528 (70% proc rate) (0.10 -> 0.05 %)
[July 22th 2017]
  • The server will be down for a host switch July 24th from 20:00 to 23:59 server time (GMT -5)
  • A new game feature will follow the host switch
  • Fixed a security issue
[July 8th 2017]
  • Fixed an exploit with runes on the market
[July 8th 2017]
  • Runes lvl 1-15 can now be traded on the market.
  • Reduced the enchanting level requirement for runeforging.
  • Old formula: RuneLevel * 50; New formula: 10 + ((RuneLevel * 10) ^ 1.15)
  • Runes cannot be upgraded with untradeable gems anymore (gained from reseting gem boosts)
  • New Global Level ranking.
  • End of the promo for the celebration week.
[July 1st 2017]
  • MQO will be changed to another server in the next month, more info will come later about potential downtime.
Promo - Celebration week
  • Duration: July 1st to July 8th
  • 50 % more gems, twice the double time, and 1 key and 10 citizens per dollar spent.
  • Double time will be added manually for July 1st and July 4th
  • Changed the kingdom resident page
  • Added a new feature for dukes and kings under "residents" to send a kingdom-wide mail.
  • Fixed an issue with the kingdom display after a player deleted their account
  • Fixed an issue with the validation when a player is trying to buy an item from the shops
[April 27th 2017]
  • End of the event, tokens can still be redeemed for the next week
  • End of the promotion
[April 26th 2017]
Miden Quest Event Extension
  • The event is extended to the 26th @ 23:59:59
  • At the end of this event 24 hours will be added to the double time
Runepower Cost Changes
  • Runes now have different costs
  • Tradeskill runes: 5 + (Lvl*2) RP
  • Rune of the Beginning: 0 + Max(0, Floor((Lvl - 1) / 2))
  • Rune of Convocation: Max(0, (Lvl - 1))
  • Rune of Questing: Max(0, Floor(LevelRune / 2))
  • Why ?: Not all runes are equal and for the purpose of expanding on those runes in the near future the cost per level should reflect the utility of said rune. To increase your equipment rune power, you can either increase your RP by using scrolls or by equipping higher tier items.
Fixes and More
  • Fixed the inn's reduction after the 20th (again).
  • Items posted on the market will have their runepower available on purchase
  • Fixed old items sold on the market to provide runepower
  • Fixed a display issue when the maximum RP is reached. A rune that hits the Rune power capacity without going over will now correctly be displayed
  • To prevent lagging on the equipment screen and while customizing items, Items will be listed from tier 20 to tier 1 and to display any item over the first 200, you will have the ability to choose to see more items
[April 18th 2017]
Fixes and Quality of Life stuff
  • Fixed the inn's reduction after the 20th.
  • Fixed the island toggle screen if any active building was deleted.
  • Added a clearer error message when you try to fuse a jewelry under Tier 15.
  • Updated the enraged perk description to fit with the new way it works.
  • Added a new logging tool to monitor server lags and the source
  • After a succesfull fusion, automatically reset the fusion screen and auto-select new items to merge.
  • Changed the values of Shard Powers that could go over the natural cap. (400% Item Drop, 300% Quest Drop, 400% Item Quality)
  • Changed the Shard Power description
  • Added a strikethrough line when a shard power bonus wouldnt be applied (if your bonus is already over what the bonus would give)
  • Fixed the tier 5+ event reward
[April 16th 2017]
  • Added an option to buy once, a rune level 1 of your choice for 5 tokens
  • Fixed an issue with runeforging with a low amount of scrolls (causing a server error)
  • Applied a fix on the island toggle screen for those that had crashing.
[April 16th 2017]
  • Fixed an issue with runeforging with a low amount of orbs
  • Fixed the pricing of T16 accessories
  • Items tier 18+ are now appearing in the equipment page
[April 16th 2017]
  • A new stat is now available on gear: Runepower
  • Runepower is needed to equip and activate the power of runes on your character
  • Runepower comes natively on items tier 15+, and items t13+ rolled from the new update can have them on generation.
  • You can use SCROLLS to increase the runepower an item can give you
  • All tiers have a maximum of runepower, and higher tier of items will allow for up to 20 Runepower per item
  • Orbs reroll will not affect the runepower on the new item
New items
  • Tier 17,18,19 and 20 Items are added in the game
  • Jewelry now appear in the tier 16 (4x5 grid)
  • Tier 20 Equipment unlocks a 5x5 grid
  • Equipment tier 18+ cannot be traded on the market
  • The maximum Runepower items from different tier can have are as follow: T12 and less= 0, T13=2, T14=3, T15=5, T16=7, T17=10, T18=12, T19=15, T20=20
  • Runes are now available in game
  • You can equip/unequip/view runes from your Equipment screen
  • Runes requires their level in RunePower to be applied
  • If you don't have enough RunePower on your equipment to apply the rune, it will be displayed in red. Red runes are not applied
  • Runes will eventually be tradeable up to tier 15
  • You can only equip a type of rune once on your character. Multiple runes of the same type cannot coexists on your character at the same time
  • Currently, 9 types of runes are available in game
  • Scouts, Merchant, Forest, Mountain, Lake, Grasslands runes: Increases gained experience while tradeskilling
  • Rune of the Beginning: Increase the amount of T1 item gained by a flat amount (does not get multiplied by anything else)
  • Rune of Convocation: Attracts citizen to your island every X tradeskill Attempt
  • Rune of Questing: Reduces the required amount of quest items needed
  • 2 rune slots are unlocked by default, to unlock the other 3 slots visit the gem boost page
Rune Forging
  • Runeforging allows you to increase the level of a rune while using another one as a material
  • Creating higher level runes costs Gems, another rune of less than 5 levels under the rune you want to upgrade and an enchanting level high enough
  • If you runeforge 2 runes of the EXACT SAME LEVEL, you will gain 2 levels from it
  • If you runeforge 2 runes of DIFFERENT LEVEL, you will gain a single level from it
  • To access runeforging, click on a rune slot and click REFORGE
Equipment Fusion
  • You can now fuse equipments of the same tier and same slot together to make an higher tier item
  • Equipment fusion requires items, gold and a high enough crafting level
  • Legacy items (generated before this patch), have their item type in red
  • Fusing with legacy items requires 1 extra item.
  • Fusing tier 15 and below requires 2 items (+1 w/ legacy)
  • Fusing tier 16 and over requires 3 items (+1 w/ legacy)
  • Fusing items together will result in an item with the average amount of slots opened
  • Fusing items together will automatically unenchant the items used as materials for some extra experience and magic elements
Shard Power
  • A first shard power has been introduced, to access it, click on ACCOUNT then SHARD POWER
  • Passing Enlightenment: for the cost of 1 shard per 60 minutes, increases temporarily your res. find to 100% and your gem boosts to 750% (7500 for stamina and 400% for Quest item).
  • Shard powers will automatically stops after the period is over, but it can be expended with more shards.
Event - Promo
  • A new event/promo "Miden Year" is available and will last until the 25th of April
  • Collect tokens every 500 tradeskill attempts and get runes and other items from the event shop
  • Purchases during that period will have twice the amount of gems, a 50% increase on double time and extra tokens, citizens and keys.
  • Titles will be added at the end of the event depending on how many prizes you collected.
  • Reorganized the customize screen to display the items filtered by Tier from 20 down to 1
  • Changed the ENRAGE perk. Instead of proc'ing an enraged counter for 5 attempts, this perk will now double the current yield and experience on the tradeskill attempt
  • Reduced the Inn speed bonus from 2.5 % to 1.5 % for inns over the 20th
  • The formula for the level and gold required to reforge an item slot has been changed.
[April 3rd 2017]
  • Added three new alerts (Empty workload, Quest completed, No running Quest)
  • Added the color/informative level to the alert on the config page
  • Added an option to play a sound whenever a new red alert is displayed. To enable this, activate the alert and then toggle the sound option on the alert page.
  • Please note that a sound will only be played once when the system displays that red alert.
  • Also note that the configuration you had for alerts was reset to it's default values.
[March 28th 2017]
  • Changed the tournament notification on the right side of the screen for priority alert system.
  • Included 13 different alerts about expeditions, naval expeditions, gambler's post, marketplace, messages and perks
  • Alerts are categorized in three categories: Red (Important), Yellow (Semi-Important), Gray (Informative)
  • You can decide which alert you want to display by changing the active alerts in Account - Alerts
  • Please note that this system only shows you the top 4 alerts and, for the moment, you can't decide on the order, but you can disable alerts you don't need.
  • Added a new resource screen so you can copy-paste and view the exact amount of resources
[March 7th 2017]
  • Reinstated the upper limit to adventurer's level depending on the kingdom.
  • If a prepared expedition is over the limit, you won't be able to sent.
  • Overlimit adventurer's level are displayed in red.
  • For players who increased their preset over the allowed level, it's easier to clear your preset first.
[March 6th 2017]
  • Changed the UI so you can prepare your expedition on one screen (Prepare) and preview the cost/rewards of that expedition
  • This new preparation now persists through days and resets
  • To prepare a new expedition, go on quest, inn, prepare, then choose your adventurers level and in the price section, choose the type of resource you'd like to use to pay for the expeditions.
  • You can quickly reset a preparation by selecting the empty price and clicking the Clear button.
  • On the main menu, you can now see how much time until the next expedition slot is available
[February 25th 2017]
Tradeskill Focus
  • Added the profit per attempt under the tradeskill focus allowing players to know which one is the most profitable at the moment.
  • The profit per attempt value depends on the cheapest market price over 1 Mil quantity
Gem Boosts
  • Added a x10 option for gem boosts
  • Fixed an issue not showing the correct amount for the next gem boost after a purchase
[February 21th 2017]
Tradeskill Focus
  • Resource Tradeskills (Fishing, Mining, Gathering and Woodcutting), will now be able to activate a focus
  • Focus is done on the new tab when tradeskilling and allow a single tier of resource to be found more often at the cost of other resources (+100% for a specific tier and -30% to the other 4 tiers).
  • Changed the tradeskill amount tab to display the new focus
  • Why?: This change is to help players get resource tiers they need and to help with the overproduced/underproduced resource tiers
  • The event has ended, and the event shop will stay open for a small while
  • The promo has ended
[February 17th 2017]
  • Players who had their T15, T16 items dissapear in a recent bug got their items rolled back
  • Added a new security feature to prevent dual account.
[February 16th 2017]
Bulk Sell
  • Added Tier 15 and 16 to the bulk sell options
  • Added a new bulk sell option: Item quality
  • Added a new bulk sell option: Rare enchants. You can now choose to prevent bulk sells of drop-only enchants such as Miden I-III, Col III
  • The market will now only display the first 250 items in a category from the dropdown to prevent lag sources.
  • The Heart refill drop rate of the event has been tweeked to be 1/30k
  • An announcement will be displayed when a player find a heart refill
  • Added a new security mecanism against dual account.
[February 13th 2017]
New event: Heart's Desires (February 13th-20th)
  • Gain Hearts for every 500 tradeskill attempts
  • Enraged tradeskill attempt does not increase the heart gained
  • Extends your heart bar capacity from 10 to 20 by using 5 Hearts. Some rewards can only be unlocked by extending your heart bar
  • Unlock 4 time-limited titles with a brand new colored title
  • Make a daily match with another player to get 2 side-benefits: 5 Hearts for making a match, and 2 Hearts per refill used by your partner.
  • To make a new match, player 1 should go to his profile and change his "love" status to look. In that state, player 2 should browse the first player profile and form a match.
  • Use 5 hearts for a surprise (relic, scroll, orb, magic element, gem) or 20 hearts for a gift (shard, gem, key, gold)
  • Use hearts to purchase double time (can be purchased twice by player)
  • While tradeskill, you have a small chance to find a heart refill item.
  • A new promotion is available, get 1 Key per $1 and any purchase over 20$ will unlock the full heart bar. Also a Heart Refill will be available for every slice of $20.
  • For the duration of this event, all payment will be worth 50% more double time.
General UI
  • Added a mouse-over effect to the resources of the kingom to have the exact values and tier names
  • Replaced the disconnection popup by a non-intrusive box.
Tradeskill Exp/Res
  • Now displaying the exp needed to the next level in a progress bar
  • Reworked the formula for experience gained while tradeskilling
  • Formula Before: (Base * (Gem + Skill) * (Global + Island)) + Relics + Kingdom (Academy)
  • Formula After: ((Base * Skill) + Kingdom + Relics) * Gem * Island * Global
  • Reduce the Gem exp boost from 1% by level to 0.2% by level, but applied the boost to the whole formula
  • Why ?: The Gem Exp boost was too trivial in the current formula and this change makes it relevent again.
  • Changed Relic res weight from 1.5 % per increase to a formula based on the player level MAX(1%, (SkillLevel^1.15)/5500)
  • Why ?: Relic res boost was outclassing the need for skill level, This change makes those two co-dependent at higher level for a decent yield.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from swapping island tiles when no building could be built on a specific location.
  • Now using a distinct random script for calculating double/triple key drops.
[February 7th 2017]
  • Changed the expedition page to make sure warrior levels don't roll over to the next line over Level 9
  • Chests opened from the Main UI will have the same rolls as normal chests from the gambler's post
  • Changed the chance to receive a double-key in a drop to 2%
  • Double-Key drop chance (%): ((Glevel - 4000)/1000) (min 2)
  • Triple-Key drop chance (%): ((Glevel - 20000)/2500) (min 0)
[February 4th 2017]
Chest & Global Levels
  • Changed the relics gained from global drops (still available for a double drop with the relic enchantment)
  • Before: 5-35
  • After: 5+(Glvl/3k)-35+(Glvl/1k)
  • Global levels are now affecting the rarity of chest
  • Before: 50/25/20/4.5/0.5 % fixed rarity distribution
  • Now: 50/25/20/4.5/0.5 % and scales with the global level. 25k Global Level @ (40/30/24/5.4/0.6)
  • You can now swap a 1-tile island with any tile on your island that doesnt have a building on it for 25 Mil ME
  • Performing a swap will use the current surveyed island
  • Fixed an UI issue with the marketplace displaying as a Beacon in the passive building list
[February 2nd 2017]
Firefox UI fixes (Kingdom, Map, Purchase pages), Players over GLevel 10k now correctly triggers double and triple key drops, Increased the maximum gold dropped from global drops to (1000 + (GLvl * 15)). Fixed an issue with the marketplace not displaying current deals.
[February 2nd 2017]
  • Overhauled the kingdom UI
  • Changed the resource/boost display
  • Added a new, zoomed-out map
  • Added a comprehensive maintenance bar
  • Buildings goals now include the coordinate and a marker is added on the kingdom map
  • Changed the building/razing UI
  • Why ?: The kingdom interface was getting convoluted, hard to use and adding the future elements to kingdoms needed a change to the UI, notably the maps and the dashboard.
Global Drops
  • Gold formula was reworked to have a scaling minimum and a lower maximum value
  • Before: Min: 1000 Gold, Max: (1500 + GLvl * 45) Gold
  • After: Min: (500 + GLvl) Gold, Max: (1000 + (GLvl * 10))
  • Global Level are now affecting the amount of keys that can drop in an attempt (dropping from 1-3 keys per attempt)
  • Why ?: Gold gained from global drops outscale easily gold gained from selling when it was meant to be a side-income in the first place.
  • New Island buildings buildable on a beach/mountain
  • Allow a set amount of deal every day, further levels of the marketplace reduces the cost of those deals and increases the amount of available slots for those deals.
  • 3% Reduction per level, More deals available @ level 4,7,10
  • New deals appear for everyone @ midnight and are the same for every players.
  • Selling base gold value increased by about 50 %
  • Before: 2/7/18/45/100
  • After: 3/10/27/67/150
  • Why ?: To close the gap between revenus made from different tradeskills
  • Gem gained through premium purchase are increased by about 50 %
  • Paypal now displays both the gem and shard count
  • You can now purchase gems and shards anonymously
  • You can now lock your account from premium purchases for a month
  • Why ?: Fixes and players requests
Incoming soon
  • Overseer's circle (new island building that manages expeditions automatically)
  • Fix an issue to allow new marketplace to automatically have deals at the moment of creation
  • Few UI tweaks
[January 12th 2017]
Mysterious gifts are finally removed and made gifts are transfered to received gifts. Fixed an issue with pending payments that does not automatically credit the amount of gems.
[January 10th 2017]
Fixed an issue making some perks proccing less often then they should once more than one counter got activated. Interaction between Selling and Drunk perk is now calculating correctly. Drunk scouting is now exempted from taxes like other tradeskill when procc'ed by the drunk perk. Pitied cannot be activated when the perk would'nt give you a boost and a notification is displayed if you get to it's maximum level (125).
[January 7th 2017]
Quick fix: Drunk selling was generating too much money from the combination of two gem boosts beeing calculated.
[January 7th 2017]
Changed the drunk perk to 0.75 % base and 0.15 % increments, Changed the enraged perk to 0.5 % base and 0.1 % increment, Changed the activation cost to be based on the invested relic of a player, Reduced the fatigue multiplier, Fatigue is now reducing by 1 per minute for every perk active instead of a flat 1 per minute, Fixed the displayed active perks on the character menu, You can now activate a lvl 0 Perk. Fixed the drunk perk not triggering properly
Fixed an issue causing lag while renaming a player, Fixed the new moderation tool, Fixed an issue that caused some tradeskill lag.
[January 4th 2017]
End of the winter gift sharing event and promo (unused gifts will stay available until the 14th of January).
Perks are now available introducing 5 new perks from the character menu: (Drunk, Enraged, Captain, Pitied, Hoarder) featuring an unlock, upgrade and fatigue mechanic.
Implemented a moderation chat accessible to Admin, Moderators and Helpers. Added a new tool for moderators.
Changed the notification system to prevent sending spams through successive private messages and market purchases. Added the sender name when a notification for a mail or market deal is done. Changed the daily script to fix the issue with the script not running when there's a big load on the server. Attempts without receiving a shard is now tracked on the profile of players and an "unlucky" leaderboard is now available.
Costs for resetting gems and relics were reduced twice
You can now access your current tradeskill page by clicking the cooldown bar. Note on lost orbs during the event: Those orbs were converted into scrolls by a mishap while making the gift opening.
[December 28th 2016]
Updated the terms of services. Added some validation to prevent spamming kingdom invites and mail messages.
[December 22th 2016]
Increased the rewards of the holidays promo, you now get twice the amount of gems and an extra 1 minute of double time per $ spent. For the duration of the event, increased the shard drop rate by 25 %
[December 21st 2016]
The holidays promo is now available (extra keys, bags and citizens with purchases). Added new rewards in the event shop after you claimed the 10 min of double time and the shard. Fixed an issue with the gifts found while tradeskilling. Fixed a typo in the event shop. Changed the color of the new title.
[December 20th 2016]
You can now, up to 25 times per day, give a gift to a random player active in the past 15 minutes. You can now find gifts to give out while tradeskilling every 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 attempts of everyday. The random profile opening for claims is now working properly. Admin color is fixed.
[December 18th 2016]
Introducing an holiday event: Winter gift event (Trade gifts with other players to gain titles and other rewards). Changed the Character interface. Perks are coming later this week along with a promo. Changed the rewards generation while opening chests in the gambler's post. Fixed a bug while sending a naval expedition. Bulk sell now caps at 100 items, preventing an error with the bulk sell mechanism for players with thousand of items.
[November 29th 2016]
End of the event and promo. Changed the captcha rewards and impacts of failing repeatedly. Market filters now persists while changing the equipment type. Improved the server stability for mobile connections.
[November 26th 2016]
Fixed an issue with the help tag, Fixed 2 typos in the new titles, added a new tracker for kingdom-locked karma under the kingdom page.
[November 25th 2016]
New promo and event ending monday night (2x Keys from drops, 2x Naval expedition speed, increased shard drop from 1/40k to 1/30k), The event shop is now officially closed, A new chat tag was created [help] for players known to give helpful advices, Added more titles for tradeskills, enchanting and crafting. Changed the minimum Global Level requirement to speak in the public chat to GLvl 10. Fixed an issue with the skill page not displaying skill level 25+.
[November 21th 2016]
Messages received in the mailbox are now copyable. Added a shard option to swap gem res boost and cap with gem gold boost and cap and changed the gem boost UI. Fixed an issue with untradeable gems and the new. Added new admin commands to ease-up renaming characters and kingdoms without a server restart. Fixed several typos. Starting a new quest from the quest page doesnt generated a popup anymore if previous quest wasnt started or if no quest items were found yet. Fixed an UI issue with the Expedition Permant Boost page. Changed the Number formating to allow thousands until 9999 to be dispolayed in full and shortning values every 3 digits thereafter (ex. 9.3m instead of 9304k). Displays the shortned number in the price per unit section in the market, the exact price can still be seen in the purchase screen. Increased the rewards for naval treasure expeditions by about 20% on normal finds and by 50% on rare finds. Fixed an issue with the Outbox not showing the sender and recipient properly.
[November 13th 2016]
Updated the random script managing naval expedition drops and shard drops. Normalized scouting quests attempts compared to other tradeskills. Added quests completed to the ranking page.
[November 12th 2016]
End of the event and promo, the event shop will be available to turn in pumpkins until the 18th. External links are now displayed in full. Kingdom invites now expires after 48 hours, older invites are now automatically expired. Players spamming will be automatically muted for 5 minutes with a shorter threshold for low level players. Fixed a typo in the quest page and updated the description of the inns. Fixed a small exploit allowing to activate more island building than the amount of toggles. Update the Wiki link.
[November 11th 2016]
Limited the multi-opening of resource bags to a maximum of 100 and chests to a maximum of 50 per click. Fixed a disconnection issue while opening multiple res bags. Made the island config (skill training and resource convering) and toggled buildings persist through future updates (this being the last update that reset those). Optimized the server-side chat script to limit the lag related to chat messages. Added the option to link external URL's in chat (to share a link in chat enter the URL including the http:// or https:// part). Please remember to use a NSFW tag when the link contains content that is not safe in a work environment.
[November 5th 2016]
Added achievements for tradeskill at every 100's over lvl 1000, Changed the shortening of numbers all over the game displaying 1xxx instead of 1.x k, Added 2 new kingdom buildings: Wharfs (built on lake and decreases the price of boat upgrades) and Town Halls (built on cities or plains, Increases the amount of citizens of residents every day at midnight). Reduced the pumpkins needed to buy a resource bag to 10.
[November 3rd 2016]
Fixed the event dates. To reiterate, the event and promo ends November 11th @ 23:59 and the event shop ends November 18th @ 23:59. Filter the equipment in the equipment screen and the lock page by tier. Fixed the new title applying a green glow on the Mod tag. Islands founds cannot be empty anymore.
[November 1st 2016]
Added a validation to promote, demote, kick and change kingship in kingdoms. Increase the chance to find gems (tot/7 instead of tot/8) and keys (tot/18 instead of tot/20). Reduced the island spacial storage use cost to 5 Mil ME to store a building and 2.5 Mil ME to place a stored building. Reduced the island merging cost to 25 Mil ME per merge.
[October 31st 2016]
Removed the resource box announcements and fixed the purchase not applying the full amount of keys.
[October 31st 2016] - Navigation, Private Islands, Tradeskill Rescaling and Combat
  • A new navigation screen allows you to build a boat by upgradeing three components: Boat, Sail, Crew.
  • Every boat component upgrades a different aspect of the naval expeditions: Success Rate, Quality, Speed
  • Once you have at least a level 1 Boat, Sail and Crew, Your ship starts to accumulate Seafaring points
  • Seafaring points (SP) are capped to 10k.
  • Two types of exepditions can be sent:
    • Island Expedition: to find an island, citizens and special chests
    • Treasure Expedition: to find random treasures such as magic elements, keys and more.
  • You can send one expedition at a time and once you find an island, you can start to use it for personal bonus.
Private Island
  • You can move on an island that has anywhere from 1 to 7 land tiles.
  • You can merge a one-tile island on a an island with at least one available spot for the cost of magic elements
  • There are three type of tiles an island can have: Rock, Beach, Forest. Each one of those types can be used to build specific buildings
  • Beach Buildings (yellow tiles):
    • Merchant's Hut: Allows the player to increase selling experience gained while trading off some workload
    • Miner's Hut: Allows the player to increase mining experience gained while trading off some workload
    • Fishing Hut: Allows the player to increase fishing experience gained while trading off some workload
    • Gambler's Post: Use several keys to obtain rare rewards such as gems, high-level items and miden shards
    • Warp Totem: Reduces the time to wait between warps
  • Forest Buildings (green tiles)
    • Scouts's Hut: Allows the player to increase scouting experience gained while trading off some workload
    • Gathering's Hut: Allows the player to increase gathering experience gained while trading off some workload
    • Woodcutting Hut: Allows the player to increase woodcutting experience gained while trading off some workload
    • Combat Hut: Increase the experience and drop rewards from combat
    • Resource Imbuer: Convert resources from one tier to another over time for the price of magic elements.
    • Training Hall: Automatically trains combat skills for the price some gold.
  • Rock Buildings (gray tiles)
    • Beacon: Increases the amount of active building you can have at the same time and increase the amount of citizen found on other islands
  • Buildings can be built, salvaged for 50 % of their resource cost (excluding the citizen cost) and magically stored if you have the Island Spacial Storage
  • The gambler's post will automatically refresh it's chest count every day at midnight
Currency and Boosts
  • Added a new currency: Miden Shards
  • Revamp the gem/shard boost interface
  • Miden Shards are a rare currency that can be found randomly, in silver/gold chests and from premium purchases
  • A new promo started (1 pumpkin, 500k ME, 1 Key per 1$ US)
  • Pumpkin are the new seasonal name for tokens
  • Miden shards can now be used to reset the gems and relics invested without losing any.
  • Miden shards can be used to increase the soft cap of a few gem boosts over 500% up to 1000%
  • A fifth expedition slot is available for the cost of 25 shards and 7500 gems
  • Tradeskill levels were rescaled to fit the new experience scale
  • Global Level bonus are now added every slice of 100's level, effectively buffing the G. Level of any player of skill level 1100 post-rescale.
  • All the previously acquired experience was transfered to the new scale, so your level might have changed but the strenght of every level is higher
  • Island building now affects the experience and workload of any tradeskill. Please note that an island building needs to be active to be in effect
  • Increased the effect of level on resource gained by a factor of 100 %
  • Increased the effect of level on workload by a factor of 25%
  • Increased the effect of level on experience by a factor of 50 %
  • Added a global drop of shards unaffected by any gem/relic boost to a set rate of 1/40k attempts
Event - Great Harvest
  • This event will be from October 31st to November 11th and the event shop will be available until November 18th
  • Gain a pumpkin every 100 attempts
  • Use pumpkins to buy exclusive titles, citizens, relics and start tournaments
  • A fifth expedition slot is available to purchase for shards and gems
  • Increase the relic drop from expeditions
  • Reduced the effect of inns on expeditions from 3% to 2.5 %
  • Reduced the amount of keys and gems found from expeditions
Quest UI
  • Revamped the Quest UI page
  • Added an option to automatically start a tradeskill quest at 75 % of your level
  • Added a preview of the naval expedition
  • Added a preview of the chests available on your private island
  • Added a new moderation metric for moderators: Annoyance Level
  • Moderators can now mute for 15 min/ 1 hour
  • Players with a high annoyance level (increased by getting muted often), will be open for harsher mutes
  • Old skills are no longer available at certain levels, instead 6 new skill trees were added
  • Every skill tree is linked to an in-game tradeskill. Every level of a tradeskill improves your efficiency at using skills of that branch
  • 18 skills were added, and to unlock any skill you need to use previous skill often
  • Increasing a skill level improves it's efficiency in combat
  • The training hall (island building) can increase those skill level and uses over time
  • You can now select up to 4 combat skill to bring in combats
  • Combat now allows you to queue-up skills used and will chain up to 3 attacks to execute
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